Data Protection Law

This law requires businesses to ensure the safety and security of customer data.

Consumer Protection Law

This law protects the interests of consumers, ensuring they are not exploited or subjected to fraudulent activities.

Electronic Transactions Law

This law governs the use of electronic signatures, online contracts, and other digital transactions.

Copyright Law

This law protects the intellectual property rights of content creators, including e-commerce websites.

Anti-Spam Law

This law prohibits businesses from sending unsolicited emails to customers.

Cybercrime Law

This law addresses cyber crimes, such as hacking, identity theft, and cyber bullying.

Advertising Law

This law regulates online advertising, ensuring that businesses do not mislead customers with false claims or deceptive practices.

Tax Law

This law governs the taxation of online transactions, ensuring that businesses comply with tax regulations.

Accessibility Law

This law requires businesses to ensure their websites and apps are accessible to people with disabilities.

Electronic Commerce Law

This law covers all aspects of online commerce, including online payments, delivery, and dispute resolution.