Crowdfunding is a fundraising model that involves raising small amounts of money from a large number of people to support a project or business idea. Crowdfunding is becoming increasingly popular in e-commerce as a way for entrepreneurs to finance their ventures and for consumers to support causes they believe in. Here are 12 crowdfunding features in e-commerce:

Project Creation

The ability to create a crowdfunding project on an e-commerce platform.

Fundraising Goals

The ability to set fundraising goals and track progress towards those goals.

Rewards System

A rewards system for backers who contribute to the project, such as early access to products, exclusive merchandise, or other incentives.

Payment Processing

The ability to process payments securely and efficiently for both backers and creators.

Social Sharing

Built-in social sharing tools that allow creators to share their projects on social media and other online channels.

Backer Engagement

Tools for engaging with backers and keeping them informed about project updates, milestones, and other developments.

Funding Models

Different funding models such as "all-or-nothing" or "flexible funding" that creators can choose from depending on their needs.

Campaign Duration

The ability to set campaign duration and expiration dates.

Campaign Analytics

Detailed analytics and insights into campaign performance, such as visitor demographics, referral sources, and engagement metrics.

Referral Programs

Referral programs that incentivize backers to share the campaign with their friends and family.

Live Support

Live support and customer service for both creators and backers.


A commitment to transparency and accountability throughout the crowdfunding process, including regular updates and communication with backers.