Starting a Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez can be a great idea for several reasons. Here are 12 reasons why:

Selena Gomez's Vision

Rare Beauty is Selena Gomez's brainchild, and she has a clear vision for the brand. By starting Rare Beauty, you can align yourself with her values and mission, which is to promote self-acceptance, inclusivity, and mental health awareness.

Empowering Others

Rare Beauty aims to empower people to embrace their uniqueness and feel confident in their own skin. By starting the brand, you can contribute to this empowering movement and help individuals feel more comfortable and confident in their beauty.

Market Demand

The beauty industry is continuously growing and evolving, with a high demand for innovative and inclusive products. Rare Beauty caters to this demand by offering a diverse range of cosmetics that celebrate individuality.


Rare Beauty is committed to inclusivity, offering a wide range of shades and products that cater to people of all skin tones and types. By starting the brand, you can contribute to creating a more inclusive beauty industry.

Mental Health Advocacy

Rare Beauty prioritizes mental health and well-being, aiming to break down the stigma surrounding mental health issues. By starting the brand, you can help raise awareness and support mental health initiatives through the company's philanthropic efforts.

Cruelty-Free and Vegan

Rare Beauty is a cruelty-free and vegan brand, meaning no animals are harmed in the process of creating their products. This commitment to ethical practices can attract a growing consumer base that prioritizes cruelty-free and vegan options.

Positive Impact

Starting Rare Beauty allows you to make a positive impact not only through the brand's products but also through the brand's charitable initiatives. Rare Beauty has pledged to donate a portion of its sales to organizations focused on mental health support and education.

Selena Gomez's Influence

Selena Gomez is a well-known and influential figure in the entertainment industry. By starting Rare Beauty, you can leverage her popularity and influence to reach a wider audience and increase brand visibility.

Brand Loyalty

Selena Gomez has a dedicated fan base that follows her closely. By starting Rare Beauty, you can tap into this existing fan base and build a loyal customer following for your brand.


Rare Beauty strives to bring innovative and high-quality products to the market. By starting the brand, you can contribute to the development of new beauty products and techniques, making a mark in the industry.

Collaborative Opportunities

Starting Rare Beauty can open doors to collaborate with other like-minded individuals and brands in the beauty industry. Collaborations can lead to increased exposure and access to new customer segments.

Entrepreneurial Opportunity

If you have a passion for entrepreneurship and the beauty industry, starting Rare Beauty provides you with an opportunity to create and build a successful business venture. With the right strategy and execution, you can establish a thriving beauty brand under the Rare Beauty umbrella.

Remember, starting a beauty brand requires careful planning, market research, and a strong business strategy. It's essential to evaluate the market, competition, and customer needs before embarking on this journey.