Here are 12 websites that offer free GIF image downloads, along with some of their notable features:


Giphy is one of the most popular platforms for GIFs, offering a vast collection of animated images and the ability to search by keywords, categories, and trending GIFs.


Tenor is known for its extensive library of GIFs and provides a search feature, trending GIFs, and the ability to create GIFs from videos.


Gfycat specializes in high-quality GIFs and offers various categories to browse, including reactions, sports, and entertainment.


Imgflip not only allows you to search and download GIFs but also provides tools to create your own custom GIFs and memes.


GIFBin features a collection of funny and entertaining GIFs, allowing you to browse by categories such as animals, sports, and fails.


Gif-King offers a wide range of animated GIFs across different genres, including memes, reactions, and movie clips.


In addition to offering a collection of GIFs to download, EZGIF provides various editing tools to resize, optimize, and add effects to GIFs.


FreeGifs offers a large selection of GIFs across categories like holidays, animals, and cartoons, and allows for easy browsing and downloading.

allows you to search for GIFs and provides a simple and user-friendly interface to download and share them.


ShareGif features a collection of GIFs that you can browse by categories such as emotions, celebrities, and TV shows.


BestAnimations offers a diverse collection of animated GIFs, including nature, people, and holidays.


AnimatedImages provides a range of GIFs and allows you to download them for free, with categories like love, greetings, and funny animations.

These websites offer a combination of search features, categories, and additional tools for creating or editing GIFs, ensuring you can find and download the GIFs you need with ease.