Online Content Marketing

Anything that you publish online for marketing purposes is Online Content Marketing which is details about a brand, features and benefits.


Blogs help in answering the queries which will solve your marketing and business problems by ranking organically on the search engine.

Video content is more liked by users according to a recent study around 54%.



Infographics grab more attention than the content in written form. It can be fun, compelling, colourful and informative.

This will help the new customer on how was the journey and experience other real people.

Case Studies

This approach will be a beneficial method of content writing as you are giving in-depth detail to your customer.


User-Generated Content

It gains the Trust and Loyalty of the customer in a way it leads to Higher Reach and Revenue Growth.

You can create this Checklist on your Website and Advertisements so that you can understand better the specification of the customer.


They are most effective as they reach the masses and can be understood clearly by the customers. It relates to the customer more easily.


The reviews from famous people and celebrities will gain trust and the customer are more likely to buy and try the product.


Unlike testimonials, the customer review will be from common people. But it has its own benefits and reaches.

Customer Reviews

As you are intending to give more information, make sure they are visually pleasing with good font, style and format.


Give an explanation about the product details and usage on social media platforms. This is a highly beneficial way of content marketing.


Followers trust the Influencers more than a Celebrity as they take up a stream, give reviews and suggestions and promote a product or brand.


As millions of people use this platform, Marketers can reach customers directly to promote their business.


The podcast is a recently trending Content Marketing type that has reached over 60 million people.


Give some tools like Freebies on your website. This will attract the customer to visit your page and look at your brands.


A Quiz is more of an evaluation and it can provide you with information about your customers’ preferences and needs.