A step-by-step guide to help you get PCI-compliant web hosting services

Step 1

Understand What PCI Compliance Is - It is a set of standards created by PCI SSC that dictate how payment card data should be handled.

Step 2

Choose a Web Hosting Provider that is PCI Compliant Select a web hosting provider that is PCI compliant.

Step 3

Verify the Level of PCI Compliance Once you’ve found a web hosting provider that offers PCI-compliant hosting, check the level of PCI compliance offered.

Step 4

Determine Your Compliance Requirements Once you know your level of PCI compliance, you need to determine your compliance requirements.

Step 5

Implement the Required Security Measures After determining your compliance requirements, implement the required security measures.

Step 6

Conduct Regular Security Testing Regular security testing is a requirement for PCI compliance to identify potential security weaknesses.

Step 7

Complete Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ), a set of questions that you need to answer to assess your PCI compliance.

Step 8

Submit the Compliance Report to the acquiring bank or payment processor once you’ve completed the SAQ and implemented the required security measures.