Top 11 Logistics Companies in Mumbai 2023

Allcargo Logistics Ltd. (Founded in – 1993)

They have Cutting-Edge technology-backed Logistics services, and, most importantly, guaranteed on-time delivery.

Celsius Logistics Solutions (Founded in – 2012)

It operates a fleet of refrigerated trucks and aims to streamline its operations through the use of modern infrastructure and technology.

Interport Global Logistics Pvt. (Founded in – 1991)

They offer reliable, competitive “door-to-door, one-stop” logistics, and relocation solutions to clients.

Abhi Impact Logistic Solutions(Founded in – 2007)

They understand the current and future needs of the customer’s business, at a competitive cost, by continuously improving customer satisfaction.

Globus Logisys Private Ltd.  (Founded in – 1983)

They optimize the operations and provide superior service to their customers.

Express Global Logistics (Founded in – 1946)

They offer services such as Project Logistics services, Custom Clearance services, Freight forwarding services, and Equipment Rental services.

Future Supply Chain Solutions (Founded in – 2006)

Providers offer automated and IT-enabled warehousing, distribution, and other logistics solutions to a wide range of customers.

Om Freight Forwarders (Founded in – 1995)

It ensures end-to-end Logistic, Warehousing, and Distribution solutions.

BLR Logistiks (I) Ltd. (Founded in – 1968)

Customized solutions to Industrial sectors with a focus on saving costs and providing Supreme Logistic Services.

Agility Logistics (Founded in – 1979)

Provides global multinationals, regional and local champions, and small and medium-sized businesses with strategic ready access to transportation networks.

Mahindra Logistics (Founded in – 2000)

Offers customized and end-to-end Logistics Solutions and services, including Transportation and Distribution, Warehousing, Freight Forwarding.