In m-commerce-enabled platforms,  mobile devices are connected to wireless networks and  used for online product purchases  and other payment transactions.

If you’re planning  for an  m-commerce application,  the key performance indicators to monitor are:

Total (mobile traffic + application traffic)  average order value and Value of orders over time.

Internet Banking

Mobile Networking becomes handy  when it comes to shopping.

Retail Applications

The online catalog  is created for the  users to buy  online without any  delay in the  purchase.

Mobile Marketing in M-commerce

In mobile marketing, there is social media marketing, email marketing, marketing through phone calls, advertisement marketing, and the list goes on.


This communication  means the intermediary person who helps  with the officers  and the customer  as well.

Reserving spots

M-commerce helps in different ways,  and it is a very useful  yet beautiful way,  which is reserving spots, rooms, trips, dine-ins,  and the list goes on.

Mobile Entertainment

Innovative ideas will always stand out in the crowd, and subscription plans for television programs, music, podcast, and even youtube videos and the romcom series.

Mobile Ticketing

Buying the tickets  for transportation  either by bus, cab, train,  and flight. The  transaction made it  easy to avail of  the booking.


Booking an appointment through a mobile  phone, ordering  medicines online,  and even consulting  the Doctors online efficiently help  the user.