What are the benefits of becoming a seller at Firsthub?

“Your passion is our purpose”, is what Firsthub’s visionary plan helps in growing your business.

With just your products, GST number and active bank account. You become a seller at Firsthub. It is simple steps and easy right?

It supports you with a free sponsored ad for the first 100 sellers.

Wide options to choose from and buy the things necessary.

Sell the products from your comfort zone. No need to have an office or company to become a seller.

Payments are extremely safe and secured with Firsthub.

Transaction processes are clear and well-organized.

Safeguarded shipment process with Firsthub.

24-hour customer support to assist the sellers with any sort of queries and doubts.

Firsthub takes only 10% commission and the whole 90% profit is yours.

Business transparency is guaranteed, all your business transactions, your product details, the number of orders everything will be transparent.

In this platform, they ensure trust and openness with the Open box delivery options to the customers