Central Bank Digital Currency – a new digital form of money issued by the central bank is the new infrastructure that ushers more rust, resilience and efficiency.

It is comfortable to use and makes our work easy.

Global acceptance

There will be no geographical limits with the internalization of current and financial accounts. Anyone globally can access this currency, an added accounts age of this new innovation.


The Launch of this Currency will reduce the number of fraudulent accounts so that there will be no loss of money.

It could proactively address problems like CA audit reports, stock statements, etc., with installed programmability and regulated traceability.

No Bank account is needed like that of UPI.

The Payment through this currency will be done immediately.

Helps to save operational costs of printing, distributing and storing bank notes.

Government can access all transactions happening within the authorised networks.

Printed currencies can get physically damaged or lost but digital currency will not have these issues.