Super-intelligent AI refers to artificial intelligence that surpasses human intelligence in all areas, including problem-solving, decision-making, and creativity.

Improving healthcare, transportation, and education, solving complex problems, and creating new opportunities for innovation and growth.

AI dominating human lives is controversial and it might kindle complex issues among people.

Some believe that AI has huge potential that can revolutionize society and can benefit humanity in many certain ways.

1. Lack of aligned goals

Super-intelligent AI has different goals than humans. Though it was designed to have human values, it works differently.

2. Unintended consequences

If the AI is not able to fully understand the gravity of the situation which leads to actions that will land in negative results.

3. Rapid self-improvement

AI might think that humans are a subjective threat to their survival and it will take action to eradicate humanity.

4. Control failure

AI may know the best for humans, so there are high chances of ignoring the commands.

5.Malevolent actors

AI might be designed in a way to progress with cyberattacks and launch of military strikes resulting in wide destruction and chaos.