How much investment is needed to start an ecommerce business?

Primary investments are those in which you need to invest compulsorily irrespective of the category. They are

Primary investment

1. Documentation 2. Bank Account 3. Electronics gadgets 4. Packaging Internet

The secondary investment differs from the category of the business you choose and also according to you.

Secondary investment

1. New seller 2. Traditional businessman Manufacturer

Apply for GST (excluded for books). Getting a GST is the first thing you need to do if you are looking to start an ecommerce business.

Documentation - Primary investment

A savings account is needed. You can open a current account after a certain period of transactions.

Bank Account - Primary investment

A mobile phone and laptop will be very much useful. A printer will also be needed for printing the bills on the packaging. Camera – a mobile phone with a quality camera is essential.

Electronics gadgets - Primary investment

You will be packing material to pack your products to send to your customers.

Packaging - Primary investment

You can use your mobile network, but if you need a stable connection you can opt for a WIFI connection.

Internet - Primary investment

If you are a new seller, you need investment for everything.

New seller - Secondary investment

You need to check the things with primary investment materials and get the material that isn’t with you.

Traditional businessman - Secondary investment

Check with the primary things and buy the things that aren’t there, to begin with, your ecommerce business.

Manufacturer - Secondary investment