Stackline is a retail analytics platform. With the help of retail analytics, retailers can make smarter decisions about their business.

Retail analytics include sales channels, identifying trends and insights, and making strategic decisions to optimize sales and marketing measures.

Stackline will help you to do Customer behavior analysis, Sales forecasting, Inventory management, Marketing optimization, and Fraud detection. Here is the guide,

Sign in to the website. ( use this link and sign in with your Google account.

Step 1

Connect your data sources with Stackline. For example, you can connect your amazon or Walmart account to Stackline.

Step 2

Examine the dashboard, It will show various metrics like sales, revenue, and inventory levels. And the dashboard is Highly customizable.

Step 3

After all these, You can start analyzing the reports and find areas you have to improve.

Step 4

You can manage your inventory by using Stackline. It will automate the inventory process. and notify you when the product level becomes low or high.

Step 5

Stackline has options for collaborating with your teammates. You can share the dashboard with your team members.

Step 6

If you got stuck anywhere, They provide customer support by email, chat, and Phone. You can easily contact them and solve your problems.

Step 7