How to write an article?

In Article writing, search for the sample articles that matches your way of writing structure.

Pick one niche that you like. Niche is the category that you like to write about in your article.

Search for your targeted audiences to whom you want to convey the messages.

Select a tile, you can also do title researchin title generator tools.

Collect the verified facts and proofs about the title like statistics and user reviews.

Draft your content, just write rough notes in a random way.

Give a title, intro paragraph, body paragraph, subheadings and conclusion.

It’s time for the outline, according to the title separate the content and arrange the same.

Gather the key points in each heading and place this at the beginning of the article.

Check the plagiarism, spelling mistakes, grammar errors and sentence formations.

The added point is, you can also check for readabilityand emotional connection between you and the article.

Write it simply, focus the keywords and maintain the punctuation and presentation of the article.

As 50 % goes to the presentation, focus on the way you want to present your content to the targeted audiences.