On a single canvas, the lean business model enables you to visualize and analyze the data that your team needs to work on collaboratively.

By cutting out the extraneous information and focusing on what matters right now, you may avoid wasting time or energy.

Customer affairs

To achieve this, you must first identify the problem or difficulties, if there are any, and then resolve them.

Segmentation of the market

Without knowing the issues, that somebody is facing, you cannot know what you are solving.

Stand out in the market

Free shipping, individualized service, and quality guarantees are a few examples of your unique value proposition, which distinguishes your goods or services from those of your rivals

Go for minimum product features

The answer to the issue is that you need a minimum viable product, which provides the essential features for fulfilling your value proposition and should stand alone, devoid of any additional features.


This covers all marketing, communication, and distribution methods from both conventional and digital media that you intend to use.

Setting up prices

Your offer's price and payment structure is a crucial components, and they will determine if you are successful in the company.

Cost structure

You should include all connected costs, such as wages, monthly fees, and costs for research and development.

Measurable metrics

The only way to keep an eye on your team and go on the proper path to get those outcomes is by doing this