Reach is the number of customers who visit and have a look at the post you have made.


Impressions may have a higher count than the reach. It means that it was seen multiple times.

Audience Growth

Growth can be measured by the number of followers.

Engagement Rate

It means the number of reaches, impressions and comments your post has made.

Amplification Rate

Application Rate = (No.of shares / Total no. of followers) * 100

Virality Rate

Virality Rate = (Total no. of Impressions / Total no. of Followers) * 100

Video Views

A good number of video views will indicate more reach.

Video Completion Rate

To increase the completion rate, make the videos compelling and engaging.

Customer Satisfaction Score

This will be a straight question to the customer, to rate their experience.

Net Promoter Score

This calculates the customer’s loyalty by asking to rate them from zero to ten.

Click Through The Rate

This shows the number of clicks the post has received and how the post has reached the audience.

Conversion Rate

Conversion rate calculates how the increase in followers, subscription rate, shares, downloads and much more.

Cost Per Click

You get paid for the click the audience engages with the post you have made.

Cost Per Thousand Impressions

As the name denotes you get paid for every thousand impressions.

Social Share Of Voice

It shows how well your brand is spoken, about in the world.

Social Sentiment

This calculates the positives and negatives that are thrown upon your content and brand.