Amazon is offering great discounts on a wide range of product categories during this sale, including Electronics, Sports Items, Furniture, Apparel, and Home Decor Items.

1. Create an Account

Amazon has welcome offers that allow users to receive an immediate 10% cashback on their first purchase.

2. Upgrade Apps and Personal Information

Make sure you are using the most recent version of the app and also update or add a new address in advance as devices sell out correctly.

3. Update your Shipping Address

You can add your delivery address to your account prior to the sale to make purchases easier.

4. Save your Card Information

Saving your credit card information before the sale begins can save you time. SBI debit and credit card holders will receive an additional 10% discount.

5. Become an Amazon Prime Member

Prime members will always have access to deals and offer one day before non-prime users.

6. Wishlist your Desired Products

This will not only save you time when looking for products during the sale, but it will also allow you to compare before and after-sale prices.

7. Redeem Diamonds

Prime members can earn two times the diamond and additional 500 diamonds on a minimum purchase of 1000.

8. Link Amazon Pay and UPI

You can also pay with Amazon pay. This method allows buyers to receive instant payments and refunds.

9. Track Prices

Use BuyHatke and Keepa websites to have an idea of what deals are available throughout the week or month.