Top 16 Features of Ecommerce in 2023

User-Friendly Navigation

The key to assisting customers in rapidly finding the things they require is to provide a user-friendly navigation system.

Product Review

It increases your trustworthiness and makes your website more visually appealing.

Powerful Search

Allowing users to effortlessly traverse your website when they are having problems finding the products and items they are looking for.

Recommended Products

It will raise the average order size and deliver a pleasant shopping experience to your customers, resulting in future return customers.


The Chatbot responds quickly to client inquiries and increases customer happiness.

Frequently Asked Questions

It aids in improving your clients’ experiences and answering all of their questions/queries.

Different Payment Methods

Providing the different payment methods will always be the big plus when it comes to the satisfying all the customers.

Footer Navigation

Consider creating a list of links to the most popular items, services, and information that clients are looking for.

Generous Return Policy

Place it near your add to cart button to maximize the chances that it will increase the number of purchases.

High-Quality Photos And Videos

It’s all about conveying the appearance and feel of items through high-resolution photos and product videos.

Contact Page

Maintain an open line of communication with your customers. With a contact page, you can strengthen your relationship with them.


If you want to rank higher in SERPs , make sure your website has fresh and unique content.

Mobile App

It helps you to keep your brand in the thoughts of your clients by placing your app icon/brand emblem on the smart devices.

Loyalty Program

Offering a loyalty program is one approach to encourage visitors to return to your e-commerce store.


To ensure client trust, an eCommerce platform should be safe and secure.

Company Logo

A logo serves as the primary visual component of your company’s overall brand identity.