M-commerce helps businesses to reach customers through different channels, that includes both physical stores and online shops.

It is nothing but buying and selling goods and services through wireless handheld devices like smartphones and tablets.

Tracking Mobile and add-to-cart rates lets developers know if users are moved into customers.

Contactless Payments using Mobile Devices using Near-Field Communication Technology.

Mobile Payment products work in the form of Peer-to-Peer sharing.  The various types are,

Browsing 0nline

Surfing through Online platforms for purchases like Groceries, Electronics, Fashion, Daily Essentials and even Decor Items.

App-Delivery Purchase

This is the purchase via Mobile Application like the paid or the licensed.

Mobile Banking

While ordering the product, the payment is made super easy through the mobile network using UPI and Internet Banking.

Google Pay or PayPal Payments

Contactless Payments from both Android and iOS devices.

Digital Content

In this digital world you can pay and watch television series and even more through the subscription form.

Person-to-Person Payments

From one person to another makes the money transfer safely and securely.