Amazon FBA stands for "Fulfillment by Amazon." It is a service provided by Amazon that allows individuals and businesses to sell their products on the Amazon marketplace while outsourcing the storage, packaging, and shipping of the products to Amazon. 

Here's how Amazon FBA works:

Inventory Storage

Sellers send their products to Amazon's fulfillment centers, where the inventory is stored until it is sold.

Order Placement

When a customer places an order for a product, Amazon handles the entire order fulfillment process.

Picking and Packing

Amazon employees pick the ordered products from the inventory, pack them securely, and prepare them for shipment.

Shipping and Delivery

Amazon takes care of the shipping process, including choosing the appropriate shipping method and carrier to deliver the product to the customer's location.

Customer Service and Returns

Amazon handles customer inquiries, manages returns, and provides customer service related to the order fulfillment.

Prime Eligibility

Products fulfilled by Amazon are eligible for Amazon Prime, which offers fast and free shipping to Prime members. This can attract more customers and increase sales.

Benefits of using Amazon FBA include:

Storage and Logistics

Amazon takes care of the storage, packaging, and shipping of products, saving sellers time and effort in managing these aspects of their business.

Customer Trust

Amazon's reliable and efficient fulfillment processes can enhance customer trust, as they know their orders will be handled professionally and delivered promptly.

Multichannel Fulfillment

Sellers can use Amazon FBA to fulfill orders not only from the Amazon marketplace but also from other channels, such as their own website or other e-commerce platforms.


Amazon FBA allows sellers to scale their businesses quickly, as they can easily handle high order volumes without worrying about logistics and fulfillment.

However, it's important to note that using Amazon FBA comes with associated fees, including storage fees, fulfillment fees, and other optional services. These fees vary based on factors such as product size, weight, and storage duration.