What is Artificial intelligence?

The technical definition of Artificial intelligence is conscious, combining, and figuring out the information with the help of machines.

Father of Artificial Intelligence:- JohnMcCarthy The founding father is Alan Turing.

Facial recognition functions on smartphones to Alexa asking you to listen to music uses artificial intelligence to interact daily.

Artificial Intelligence, in collective terms, refers to the technology humans make to understand and perform human tasks accordingly.

Lisp, Prolog and TensorFlow are some specialized languages that are used in Artificial Intelligence.

The AI is used for the recognition of voice, and computer vision, in the voice translations and in the mapping of locations for the given inputs.

The purpose of AI is man-made technology to human tasks with the help of deep learning and language processing.

Amazon, Flipkart, H2O, IBM, Oracle, Google Cloud and much more. These are some companies that are using Artificial Intelligence.

AI helps in human interaction with new and better interfaces.

Artificial intelligence solves problems better than humans.

AI uses simple and new techniques to solve an issue.

In AI, there is no downtime and shutdown period, it works all around the clock.

With the help of AI, you can easily manage your social media and thus increase your impressions and ROI.

AI will increase productivity, sales growth, automation, easy-decision making, minimum error making and improves customer experience