What is blockchain?

Blockchain is a thing that stores information, recordings, and transactions that are done digitally.

Santoshi Nakamoto – introduced blockchain in 2008.

Actually, the name Santoshi Nakamoto is the presumed pseudonym derived from a number of people’s names.

Key features of  blockchain: -Highly secure -Decentralised system

Blockchain is highly used in recent times because of its high security and work efficiency.

Blockchain works on the combination of three leading technologies.

-Cryptographic keys (private and public key) -Peer-to-peer network (shared ledger) -Computing

Blockchain is the place where all digital information is stored and recorded. It can’t be changed, added or edited.

It stores all this information in a block and every other in a separate block. All these are connected with one another.

Transparent transaction is another key feature of blockchain.

Due to its high demand, there are a lot of people demanding blockchains for their needs. To vote securely, business people need blockchain for their usage.

Transaction speed is high compared to other modes of transactions.

Privacy over your transactions, unlike bank transactions.

Blockchain entered as Bitcoin and now it is adopted in many companies like Unilever, IBM, and other hosting companies.

Even food, bank, finance, currency, healthcare, smart contract and property records all are using blockchains.

There are various job offers in blockchain and they are, Blockchain developer, Blockchain quality engineer, blockchain legal consultant and blockchain UX designer.