What is cloud computing?

The word Cloud computing means – You can access your work virtually or remotely.

Why choose cloud computing? Replace your hardware storage with cloud storage.

Cloud computing Types – Public, Private, Hybrid, and Multi-cloud

Cloud computing services – SaaS, IaaS and PaaS

The pros of Cloud Computing are Cost-effective, Global scale, High performance, Speed, Productivity, Reliability and Security.

Why Cloud computing will be a better option? Scalability, Disaster recovery and Cost-effective.

Cloud computing service providers include Alibaba, AWS, Microsoft Azure, HP, Oracle, and more.

Cloud Computing has high security to protect your data, application and information. They are also super and you can control them according to your needs.

Their constant updates on the latest technologies and tools will empower work performance on whole.

Cloud computing is a viable option for businesses and individuals who are looking for increased flexibility and scalability.