What is data science?

Data science - input of knowledge and insight from the noisy data which gives output as action to the organisations or businesses.

Data science is the intersection or combination of three things: Computer science, mathematics and business.

Data science is important to collect information in the fields like ecommerce, finance, medicine, and many more.

In data science, the data are collected in audio, text, video and image formats; all these are analysed with tools and technology.

How it works? First, the data is collected or acquired from the source and that information is processed and data preparations are done.

Data cleaning and processing is done and then data visualization then comes statistical modelling and machine learning.

Data science is useful in various platforms like ecommerce, health, finance and much more.

Some more specific tasks of data scientists will be data collection and wrangling, exploratory data analysis, feature engineering, modelling, evaluation, deployment, communication and visualization.

Overall, the science works on: Identifying the problem, extracting the problem, transforming, data processing, data modelling, actionable insights and finding the solutions for the business.

Thus, the need for data scientists is high in this field. Data science is the future technology which has so much to do in the technology world.