What is ecommerce ?

Convenience shopping  is the new game-changing way of shopping. Explore ecommerce where you buy and  where do you buy and rom your comfort place!

Why choose ecommerce? Ecommerce has a wide variety of options, offers, and discounts which conventional stores lack.

Customer service is high in ecommerce, as you receive your products directly to your home.

What to note? Be careful with customer satisfaction, because review plays a great role in ecommerce.

How to do ecommerce sales? Customer satisfaction Accept feedbacks Avoid pop-ups Enable easy payments Support

Types of ecommerce B2B B2C C2C C2B B2A C2A

Examples of the types of ecommerce B2B – Amazon B2C – Netflix C2C – OLX C2B – Freelancing B2A – OpenGov C2A – Tax filing

Promote your ecommerce business through Social commerce Visual commerce Mobile commerce

Jobs in Ecommerce Social Media Manager Website designer SEO Specialist Digital Marketer

Ecommerce delivery services Delhivery DTDC BlueDart FedEx SafeExpress Shiprocket Wow Express

Ecommerce website builders Squarespace Wix Shopify WordPress Weebly GoDaddy GreenGeeks Woocommerce Bluehost Hostgator