What is GitHub?

GitHub has over 100+ million developers who create, share and ship the best code possible.

GitHub is a code-hosting platform that allows groups of people to work on their respective projects irrespective of the place.

GIT is the software used for building GitHub as the software is free.

With GitHub, developers can write code, track changes, and give reasonable solutions to problems.

GitHub gives you a web-based graphical interface that is open-source version control software.

GitHub has many features to work with and also it gives you access control that helps in collaboration.

In simple words, it is like the cloud storage for all the coding that you and your team created.

GitHub is open to the public, is open source and it refuses the risk of duplicate projects.

In the same way, those who don't know to code can also use this to create, edit and use the software content.

GitHub can be used as the free version which includes only limited features.

If you are looking for unique projects that work well, then you can prefer the GitHub.