What is Internet?

Do you know, the Internet is an Abbreviation of “Interconnected Network”? It is interesting, right? Continue reading there are many interesting facts about the internet.

It is the network of networks that is the group of websites that include the organizations, virtual stores, learning platforms, institutions, and many more.

TimBL, the founder of the Internet is a computer scientist. Who also invented the term world wide web (WWW)

The Birthdate of the internet is Jan. 1, 1983, whereas in India internet was first launched on August 15, 1995.

Formalit is known as “information superhighway” and informal;y it is known as “net”, “web”

It tells about the particular domain's activities and services as it helps in finding the information of the respective organization's activities and services they offer.

public, private, academic, business and government networks are the different kinds of internet that we use in today's internet world.

DSL (digital subscriber line, cable broadband, fiber optic broadband, wireless or Wi-Fi broadband, satellite and mobile broadband, and dedicated leased line are the types of internet.

By using the internet, people improve their personal growth and it helps in the easy access to all the things that are available online.

Internet saves time, It gives answers to all the questions that the user gives. That too within a minute and in a precise way.

In today’s internet what we are using is the IPV4 as it is operating over the common network layer datagram protocol.

The best type of Internet is the fiber-optic internet connection as it holds 1,000 Mbps for both uploading and downloading speeds.