What is Java script?

Java script is a scripting and dynamic language which was used in building a webpages with the required functions.

In short form , Java script is termed as "JS", which is also named as livescript. Which is first released by Netscape 2.0.

JS was initially designed by the Brendan Eich and it was first appeared in 1995.

As per the statistical data of 2022, 8 websites out of 10 was build by javascript.

It is used for both frond end and back end application purpose.

In javascript it has more 1444231 libraries and this count is increasing day by day.

In javascript, there is no need for compilers as it is the foundation of the frontend development.

Javascript has no connect with the Java language as the Java is entirely different.

Javascript's syntax is all based on the Java and c languages as it also supports the object oriented programming.

Count down for a website, setting a timer, performing the zoom in and zoom out are the few examples where JS is used.

The best tool or IDE for using the javascript is Visual Studio Code as it supports all Windows, Linux and Mac OS.