What is JSON?

JSON is JavaScript Object Notation, which is the language-independent text format that is actually a plain text format.

It is used in storing and transmitting the data that is transferring data from the client to the server

JSON is derived from Javascript (i.e., it is the subset of JS) where the data is in the pair of key/values with the comma.

Languages like PHP, Python, C#, C++ and java are suitable languages for JSON that involves data interchange.

It is majorly used in the electrical exchange of data on web pages where the pre-stored data interacts with the help of JSON.

As JSON is simple text it is so easy in transferring the data between the platforms and the OS.

JSON has bigger storage with a fast speed where you can't find the fixed schema and it can hold up to 1 GB.

It is easy to read and write as it is one independent text format which is also a human-readable interchange.

You can write JSON, by creating the JSON string with “Stringify”.

JSON can also be used for testing, between the systems as it acts as interface testing.