What is jsp?

JSP is abbreviated as “Jakarta Server Pages” which is formally known as the JavaServer pages.

 It was developed by the Eclipse Foundation with the official initial release in 1999 by Sun Microsystems.

JSP is Server side technology that is used in web applications where first it is converted into a JSP servlet.

JSP is similar to PHP and ASP as it is also using the Java programming language.

 It supports both scripting and dynamic content as it helps in inserting the Java code in the HTML pages.

Jsp was written in Java language which helps from the formation and till destruction

There are three types of JSP tags they are Direction, Action and scripting

In JSP there are 12 types of action tages which helps in controlling the behaviour of servlet engine.

Using JSP you can generate any kind of text-based output 

Using the Tomcat server and the browser you can start running the JSP page by issuing the URL.