What is kubernetes?

In short kubernetes is termed as "K8s". It is an open-source container-orchestration tool that is initially released in 2014

Initially it was developed by Google but as of now it was maintained by Cloud Native Computing Foundation

It is one such platforms for many containers that supports the running and maintaining.

It is the one important tool for DevOps teams that  helps in running the containers either on premises or on the cloud.

kubernetes pods are the new virtual machines

Kubernetes are written in the "Go Language" it includes the additional features that are not found in the C language.

By 2018, kubernetes ranked 9th in the GitHub projects and positioned in 2nd in authors and issues.

ClusterIP , NodePort , LoadBalancer and ExternalName are the 4 types of kubernetes

Google, Spotify and Pinterest are the few companies that uses kubernetes.

Azure Kubernetes Services is the real life example of implementation of kubernetes in migrating their applications to Azure.